Surfe Media Kit
Surfe Media Kit

Surfe Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in Surfe! Here is everything you need to know about our company.
Please find exhaustive summaries of the company and product, as well as the full package of our brand assets and guidelines.

About Us

Company description

Surfe is a connected revenue workspace, serving sales & revenue teams to capture and serve clients more effectively. Surfe brings your CRM to where your sales are, integrating and synchronizing seamlessly with the most widespread suite of preferred tools. Surfe helps you move with ease, think effectively, and respond more quickly to build better relationships.


Surfe started in March 2020 as “Leadjet” - a side project that our co-founders Romain and David came up with during their exchange program at UC Berkeley.

Having developed a unique recipe for connecting CRMs with LinkedIn, they decided to to apply it to other sales tools, platforms and websites to support revenue teams throughout the entire sales cycle. Surfe was born as a response to old non-customizable CRM features, generic templates, dictatorship of rigid workflows & data schemas.

Surfe was created to break the CRMs silo, make them accessible everywhere people sell and finally bring peace of mind to sales and revenue teams.

Our core values

  • Ease of use. We believe that simple things are beautiful, that’s why made Surfe uncomplicated and crystal clear. We tried to build straightforward features to ensure your navigation & activity are as painless and effortless as possible.
  • Performance. At Surfe, one of our top priorities is your efficiency and productivity that pave the way to increased performance. We’re here to give you the means to catch waves, ride them and execute the most difficult turns and tricks.
  • Joy and Freedom. We created Surfe with the intention to give you peace of mind while selling. We want to empower you to go after prospects, get and close deal without having to waste time or worry about the little things (like refreshing your CRM, scheduling tasks and manually logging data). We made Surfe as customizable as we could, to ensure you’re at liberty to craft your own workspace that helps you be more productive - completely unconfined.
  • Enthusiasm, energy and boldness. At Surfe, we’re your biggest fans and supporters. Always by your side, we want to share our passion and energy to help you push the boundaries every day. We’re never afraid of the challenges and like to embrace difficulties, making bold moves! We hope we make you feel encouraged and supported to do so too!

Mission Statement

We strive to power sales through a flexible interface that makes CRM accessible everywhere. Easy viewing, organization and synchronization of CRM with additional data sources. Less admin. More sales.


Tagline: Make your CRM move and surfe where your sales is at.

Value proposition: We help you sell easier and better by bringing your CRM to where you work and syncing across critical data sources.

The Executive Team


David Maurice Chevalier Co-founder, CEO

Prior to founding Surfe, David worked as an analyst in Leveraged Finance and Private Debt at ODDO BHF in Frankfurt. He gained first experience as one of the early initiators of “Tradity”, a leading social trading game and NPO to spread financial education in Germany. David has a double degree in Entrepreneurship from HEC and École Polytechnique. He also studied at UC Berkeley.

Romain Ginestou Co-founder, CTO

Prior to founding Surfe, Romain gained first experience working at Dassault Aviation where he developed an automated AI testing platform. Romain graduated with an Engineering degree from ENSTA Paris, and was President of its’ Computer Science Association. He then received his MSc in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and École Polytechnique.


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Our Team

13 different nationalities represented


Photos Founder, Team & Product

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Our Product

Description & Explanation

Surfe is a connected revenue workspace that brings your CRM to where your sales is at.

Surfe makes CRM ubiquitous, granting you fast and easy access to your data, wherever you surf. Our next-level product will provide you with simple, flowy and cross-channel experience, overlaying browsers and every website you visit. Surfe treats the CRM as a database and brings your workflow and relationship management to the next level.

Not only can you surface your workspace's data, but you can interact with it too. Easily edit custom attributes, request access to pipelines, and search through historic activity. With Surfe, workflows can be totally user-defined and supported by a library of powerful templates. Customize every little detail in your workflow with no code, freely configure fields, layouts and workspaces. Everything you do is also automatically synced back to your CRM and in real time, making sure your team mates stay in the loop!

Expandable and available from the side panel, your CRM pipeline follows you around too. Manage deals, configure pipelines, filter out accounts in a list-view as you go, knowing that everything will be backed in your CRM.

To make collaboration across the revenue team as smooth as possible, Surfe gives all members access to the same views, templates, notes, information and customer data. A 100% GDPR compliant tool, Surfe helps your team operate from a gold standard of data, making sure everything is structured, categorized, updated and protected.

Surfe operates on a four-tiered subscription-based model, offering free, basic, professional and enterprise plans. Users have the option to purchase subscriptions monthly, or opt for a yearly billing to benefit from a discount. Pricing starts at 23 euros per month (when paid annually).

Available Features

  1. Add LinkedIn contacts to CRM. When visiting a profile page on LinkedIn Surfe gives the user the ability to send contact information from LinkedIn straight to the CRM solution instead of having to manually copy and paste removing any chances of copy- paste errors.
  2. Conversation synchronization. With a click of a button ("sync with CRM") on the message panel, Surfe automatically moves all your conversations into your CRM and updates it automatically in the background
  3. Side panel “The Surfeboard” - the first dashboard on top of all the others. This portable control center follows you around wherever you are (web, email, social media) and gives you access to the full CRM functionality, delivering critical information in view at the precise moment it’s needed.
  4. Pipeline view in side panel. Manage the full sales funnel from anywhere (deals, configure pipelines, filter out accounts) knowing everuthing is backed in the CRM.
  5. Edit CRM Fields from LinkedIn. Once Surfe’s matches the LinkedIn profile you're visiting with a contact present in your CRM, an overlay of the CRM contact's information appears. Surfe also allows you to edit the CRM fields from LinkedIn, synchronizing all the changes with your CRM. You can add or omit certain fields and fill them in, directly from a person's profile.
  6. Show CRM contacts on LinkedIn. Once connected to the CRM solution, Surfe displays the contact information from the CRM on top of LinkedIn, as well as the status, notes, tasks, last activity, and ownership of the lead. The profile names of your CRM contacts and newly added prospects are highlighted in purple to make them visible at first glance
  7. SalesNavigator Integration & List Export. Surfe offers full functionality on Sales Navigator. It is easy to navigate through them, as everything works in a similar manner to how it does on normal LinkedIn. Moreover, it allows you to export Lead Lists in 1 click.
  8. Emails enrichment. Surfe teams up with DropContact to find emails and phone numbers of your prospects in 1-click
  9. Smart Message Templates. Surfe allows users to create, reuse, and share message Templates with teammates, it will also soon identify which template yields the highest reply rate
  10. Note Feature. Write notes directly in the LinkedIn interface and don't stress: they are automatically synced to your CRM solution in real time.
  11. Create Deals Feature. Create and manage deals in your pipeline directly in the LinkedIn interface - no tab switching.
  12. Contact Update Feature identifies outdated profiles in your CRM and notifies you.
  13. User Dashboard. Customize Surfe to your needs: set preferences, create and match customised fields with your CRM.

Our Achievements

We are proud to say that over the year 2021 Surfe has attained:

✅ 10x revenue growth

✅ 31% month over month growth

✅ 97% retention rate

✅ 4.7/5 average marketplace rating

✅ 3,300+ companies served

✅ 9 nationalities within the team

In 2022, we have achieved:

✅ 4M€ fundraising

✅ Reached 1m€ ARR growth

✅ Google and Uber as clients

✅ 14 nationalities within the team

Featured In

Brand Assets

Brand Style Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines set the rules for Surfe’s visual and verbal identity system. Follow these rules strictly to maintain consistency and build brand equity.

We invite you to absorb this information and reference it often to become an informed steward of the brand.


The Surfe logo system is one of the most visible parts of our brand. It is a memorable token, acting as a recognizable signature that unites all of our visual communication.

Use it consistently and follow these guidelines to build strong brand recognition.

Media Kit

Usage of Background Colors

These are the primary colorways for using the Surfe logo. The full-color logo should be used on White, Seaweed, and Sky backgrounds.


Incorrect Logo Usage

A strong brand identity succeeds when it's used consistently. To make sure Surfe’s brand appears as consistently as possible, don't misuse our logo in these ways.



Intentional co-branding is important to ensure consistency of the Surfe brand. Surfe uses the logotype for most co-branding use cases. In some cases, the Puddle Jumper icon is appropiate. Unless otherwise noted by partner brands, each logo is optically equal, as a collection of shapes.


Brand Color Palette

Color distinguishes the Surfe brand, adding meaning, energy, and depth to our identity.

Use color appropriately through all expressions of our brand to enforce a consistent and recognizable brand experience.

Please not that our primary colors are White, Seaweed (100) and Sky (300).



Typography plays an essential role in our visual identity, lending form and flavor to our words.

Use typography consistently and with intention to preserve proper hierarchy and reinforce our recognizability and distinction.

Lettera Text is Surfe’s exclusive and primary brand font. It carries our playful, upbeat, human, motivating, and laid-back communication style. It’s dooope.

When our brand typeface can’t be used, use Work Sans in place of Lettera Text. Work Sans is our alternative font that can be used in Google’s suite of products for company-wide usage. Our universal backup is Arial, Surfe's last-resort, fallback font.



When written, Surfe is a single word with an uppercase S. It is never written as “surfe” or “SURFE”. “Surfe”is always spelled with an “e” at the end. “Surf” is incorrect spelling.


Browse high-resolution assets and of Surfe’s interface, as well as a selection of GIFs showcasing the tool’s functionality

Contact Information

We're always happy and ready to help with any questions you may have!
Email to discuss interview arrangement, partnerships or request original materials.